About Ulyate Pickups

Howard Ulyate of Ulyate Pickups is winding some of the best bass pickups on the market. Here is a quick promotional video featuring his pickups and his philosophy about winding pickups. Ulyate Pickups are available in all styles and special orders are welcome.

Ulyate Pickups are the pickups of choice for many bass manufacturers:
Colibri Basses
Roger Basses
Wilkins Basses and Guitars
Benavente Basses and Guitars
Low End Basses
F-Clef Basses
Bass Mods Basses
M Basses
Bee Basses
Banning Guitars
Lambdin Basses and Guitars
Fortune Guitars
Huff Basses and Guitars
Muckelroy Basses
Joseph Sheldon Basses
John Paige Guitars
Larry Wysocki

All pickups are made to order and usually take about 2 weeks to deliver.
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